34 Bolshaya Morskaya str., Saint Petersburg
About the restaurant

all Seasons is an author's cuisine restaurant a stone's throw from St. Isaac's Square in the center of St. Petersburg.

Here is new tastes open up new experiences. The concept is based on changing the menu four times a year, involving the guest in the process of cooking and serving at the table. Dishes change depending on the seasonality of local products and the inspiration of chef Sergey Yaroslavtsev. Special attention is paid to the transfer of tastes, aromas, the creation of new textures.

all Seasons is a place where you will find a new gastronomic experience.


The interior of the all Seasons restaurant is a combination of natural textures, a symbiosis of warm shades.

Continuing the gastronomic ideology, the halls of the restaurant are made in an organic style using concrete, stone and wooden textures in exact balance with the play of light and painterly greenery.

The unique philosophy of all Seasons is visible in every detail.

The atmosphere influences what impression our guests will get from the dishes.
We strive to create a harmony of taste and visual enjoyment.
Sergey Yaroslavtsev
Brand Chef, founder and co-owner of all Seasons

The love of creating unique combinations, a creative approach to their work, strict discipline – the philosophy of the Chef.

Sergey skillfully experiments with textures, molecular technologies and taste qualities of the product, giving the dish a completely unimaginable character.
Aleksandr Bondar
Ideologue, founder and co-owner of all Seasons

When creating the project, the co-author of the concept was inspired by the idea of mutual respect for people. Therefore, he created the most cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the restaurant for both guests and the team.

Alexander is convinced that it is happy people who will be able to realize the philosophy of all Seasons.
34 Bolshaya Morskaya str., Saint Petersburg
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